Cost calculations on a wall

When you are considering making some remodels or thinking about contacting a contractor about a wall that you want built, removed or fixed it is important to know how they calculate the cost of the job that they’ve been hired to do. You don’t want to pay more than you need to for a simple job, knowing the ins and outs of contractor calculations can save you the stress of unexpected costs, last minute wall changes, and knowing the calculations might even save you money.

More often than not people assume that the final price of the wall being built is all based on the height of the wall. That is not the case. Putting up the wall is the easy part, what you are often paying for is the cost of setup, the crew, and the equipment that is needed to get the job done.

You are paying for the manual labor that goes into the process of setting things up for the wall. The crew has to dig and level the ground where you want the wall to be built, then they have to place the footing of the wall down. That’s the part that will take the most work, anything after the footing is placed is the easier stuff. Putting the actual wall in is just stacking blocks and making sure that it’s sturdy. One could also go to turf dealers and lay artificial turf down so that you don’t have mud.

This means that 60 percent of your bill is coming from how much work the crew has to put in, mostly all of it is coming from how hard it will be to place the footing for the wall. If the crew has to put a lot of effort and manual work into digging up a level spot the ground and spend a lot of time putting the footing down, your bill will be higher. The other 40 percent of the bill is just for placing the wall. And you should never try to change the layout of your plans. It can be dangerous to ask for a higher or shorter wall after the footing has already been placed. And if the footing has to be replaced, the price will only be raised higher than it originally was. So if your bill turns out to cost more than you expected, try to keep your plans the same.