On-Page SEO

on page seo

Today we are on that stage of life where technology has improved broadly where a computer was the size of a room and now we can take that computer anywhere in our pockets like tabs, smartphones, etc. Everyday technology beats the past, new contents or products are made, we can buy or sell overseas, everything is possible now. Websites are developed to sell products or convey people’s professions through the internet and make money.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, there are two types of people who run a website from making to earning. First, the ‘Developer’ who made the site and second ‘SEO’ who runs that website and make earning from it. There comes an important task which is essential to use in running a website and that is On-Page SEO, I know a question has pop up in your mind that ‘What is On-Page SEO’? Let’s discuss it:

What is On-Page SEO?

The On-Page Search Engine Optimization includes the practice of optimization of the website to rank up in the search engines. The Seo’s keep upgrading their pages or modify to maintain their site in Google Ranking. It helps to increase the relevant traffic to keep surfing on your site. The on-page SEO is a very important practice to grab your ranking position in the marketplace. The on-page is divided into two factors, HTML source code, and content that can be optimized.

The Onpage SEO ultimate goal is to understand the following points that are essential for both search engines and users:

  • Idea what is the site-page about.
  • Use keywords or a bunch of keywords to recognize that the site page is relevant to searches.
  • Discover that the page is useful and trustworthy on a search engine results page ( SERP ).

Top Ranking Factors of On-Page SEO

one page seo factors

The following are the factors of on-page Seo which will help you to rank up:

  1. Use SEO-Friendly URL’s

Google always see your first three words of your URL, this is known as ‘domain’, this includes the weight of traffic searching of your site. If you want to make your website URL SEO-Friendly then remember to use short sweet words and longtail keywords for your website address. Always use hot keywords in your URL.

Don’t use:

  • Ugly URL’s
  • Or long URL’s
  • Begin your title with Keyword

The most important factor of on-page SEO is your title tag.

You can start your title without tags but in on-page SEO it is very important that your title includes a keyword because the more the keyword is closer to the title the more it will get weight on search engines.

  • Structured Data

Structured Data is referred to as organized data or code written in a specific format. In simple words, it is data that has been specified a certain structure instead of mixing up the formats. There are different types of structured data which you can use according to your requirements.

Structured Data often referred to as a code written in such a format that is understood by the search engines. This factor greatly affects your SEO as search engines will display results according to the format of your code. If your code is well structured it will surely improve your SEO in a much richer way. If you use structured data on your page your results in the search engine will change in a better way and will gain you more traffic. On the other hand pages with unstructured data will remain at the bottom of search results.

That’s how important Structured Data is in any SEO strategy. Here you can find a brief analysis of Structured Data.

  • Cover your Blog Post Title in H1 Tag

H1 tags are the ‘Headline Tag’ of your website. Most content management systems ‘CMS’ (like WordPress) automatically add your blog post in an H1 tag. This tag is essential since every successful site uses only one H1 tag on its every single page. Thus, it is important to check your website code which includes only one H1 tag and that tag must contain your target keyword.

  • Add Modifiers in title

Modifiers are special words, phrases, adjectives, questions, that are used in titles to look more attractive and useful. In on-page SEO words like modifiers are important because they can boost up your website. Generally, users traffic attracts to these types of titles, you can say in other words modifiers are the trump cards for your title and site. Words like ‘top’, ‘best’, ‘guide’, ‘review’, ‘fast’, ‘most’ etc. For example:

  • Top 5 SEO
  • Best SEO in the world
  • Guides for a successful SEO
  • Review of SEO’s
  • Most successful SEO in the world